Armoury Welcomes James ‘JR’ Robinson as Head of New Business

James ‘JR’ Robinson has been brought in as our Head of New Business to push our work and talented roster out into the world.

Hailing from the Jurassic coast, JR started his career in sound, playing his part in the 2012 Olympics as a BBC Sub-mixer. Other career highlights include business development at industry bible Shots, representing talent at Dirty Films, and most recently at Electric Theatre Collective’s production arm, Friends Electric.


We sat down for a Q&A session with JR.

Why did you decide to move?

I absolutely loved my time at Friends Electric, great people, great culture, and amazing talent. But admittedly, I was itching to test the waters of live-action again. Moving to Armoury’s given me an opportunity to work with another amazing roster of talent, that’s well versed in human-lead storytelling.


Why Armoury?

When Armoury’s Matt and Lauraine approached me, it felt organic. This, coupled with their great portfolio of work and a roster that really excited me made it a no-brainer to make the move and join Armoury’s lovely team.


Describe Your Primary Impact On Armoury’s Growth Journey?

Sales in any format isn’t an easy thing to do. You need thick skin and have to be good at managing rejection mentally. However, we aren’t selling security systems or glorified phone jingles (and I’ve done both) – we get to showcase the work of talented people we believe in to like-minded folk who want to make cool work together and be part of a bigger story.


I see a primary impact I can make on Armoury’s new business in walking a fine line between being persistent and being a pest…although I’ve definitely covered both grounds in my career! I feel that having that tenacity and hunger to succeed, coupled with my love of our industry will help in pushing both myself and Armoury to where we want to be.


What Is the Personal Industry Ethos You’d Like To Instill At Armoury?

Just be kind and help those you know, and those around you! I remember how hard it was to get a foot in the door when I first started out. Some of the opportunities that I was presented with in my early career were through another person’s kindness and belief in me when I had no prior experience, from the opportunity to mix the Olympics at the BBC, or my first crack at repping with Dirty Films.


These are things you remember. They remind you of the reason you became a part of our industry in the first place. So whenever someone’s reached out to me I’ve always tried to point them in the right direction wherever I could, and I will continue to do so here at Armoury.


What Are Your Thoughts On The Changes Required In This Industry And On Armoury’s Place In It?

I think that change is the wrong word, as I understand it. From where I stand, and in terms of my role, I think it’s important to look passed a director’s previous experience and look more at what they bring to the table both aesthetically and narratively. 


Just because someone hasn’t worked on a project in a particular niche or sector, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be brilliant for the project. It’s also important to remember that every director now considered a master of a niche was also once given the opportunity to make something outside of their normal remit.


So it’s great to see that the industry as a whole is talking a lot more about inclusion and allowing new talent opportunities, we want to see more of it, and  Armoury embodies this ethos, it’s at the core of what they do. So, for me it’s a lovely opportunity to be part of bringing this new talent to the industry and then see them deliver amazing work they can be proud of.


Why Do You Think Armoury Is A Good Place To Foster These Things?

I feel there is a strong pool of creativity being represented here from different walks of life and stages in their careers. Some already well established and others like Sidney, Rollo and Mr Yankey who are primed for being propelled to the next level. So I’m excited about being able to push the careers of our roster, and in doing so, we will all see success when our hard work pays off.


What Are Your Goals For The Rest of The Year?

Obviously, a key goal for me over the coming months is to get as many eyes as I can on the work of our directors here at Armoury. Personally, it would also be lovely to get a few projects under my belt before the year is out!


Anything else?

Yep, give the Armoury website a click and hit me up on [email protected], if anyone in there tickles your fancy.