Armoury’s Optimistic Film Looks at Male Social Workers’ Importance

‘This is Social Work’ is all about optimism. Things must be done, they can be done, and social workers are there to identify, channel, support, and spur young persons to excel in things they love and do best. Today, as social workers handle 680,000 Children In Need and their families in England, only 14% of …

Tiny But Mighty Aunt Helga Fronts Hosting and Cloud Company IONOS’s First UK Campaign by Armoury

Web hosting and cloud provider IONOS, which is founded in Germany, is aiming to reinvigorate the concept of beloved brand characters with an inimitable new heroine: Aunt Helga. A model of Teutonic efficiency, the small but mighty character is introduced in the new ‘I own this’ campaign and is instantly memorable for her silver skyscraper hairstyle, jet-propelled heels, furiously fast fingers, and no-nonsense attitude.

Meet Armoury’s Mr Yankey – a Story of Creativity and Working Up the Ranks

Throughout his career, Mr Yankey has worked alongside talents such as Gus Van Sant, Tom Hooper, Nicolas Winding Refn, Daniel Wolfe and Matthew Vaughn; all of whom have created a strong foundation underpinning his filmmaking education.

In fact, it was during his beginnings as a driver that he met Matt Hichens, owner and managing director of Armoury, and basically pitched his way onto the roster – first earning Matt’s interest and then his admiration as the body of work unfolded.

Armoury Director Jack Laurance Tackles Police Perceptions in Bold Recruitment Drive

Armoury director Jack Laurance has collaborated with Channel 4 and the Police in their latest recruitment drive which aims to entice candidates for diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to the force. The series will be launching next Tuesday 18th May with the film ‘Life as a Black Police Officer’. will be released first followed by other films in the series such as ‘Life as a Gay Police Officer’ in late May and June.