Armoury’s Ben Perry Directs Cacophony of Colours for DryNites

Armoury director, Ben Perry, has directed a new film for DryNites. The film is a classic case of being careful of what you wish for, eg) a good night’s sleep. The charming and knowingly told film captures just that with a cacophony of colours. Directed by Armoury London’s Ben Perry during lockdown, the film stars a real family which helped with shooting restrictions and brought authentic performances to the film.

Small Businesses Make a Triumphant Covid Comeback on Channel 4

Recorded under Covid conditions and cast via open submissions inspired by Channel 4’s TV teaser, six of Armoury’s most sought-after directors have created commercials to be broadcast during key ad breaks in the C4 schedule. Each 30 second script written by Armoury creative director Jack Laurance pairs local charm with big advertising tropes to create a rift in the TVC paradigm; the independent Davids have finally taken their place among the corporate giant Goliaths.