Small Businesses Make a Triumphant Covid Comeback on Channel 4

The events of the past year have challenged small businesses like never before. From tailors to barbers and beyond, the fine margins and fierce competition of the High Street have been compounded by Covid. Letting Agents cannot pivot to mask making.

With restrictions now lifting, it is time for those businesses to stage their triumphant Covid Comebacks. And what better way to begin than with a prime-time television commercial on Channel 4?

Yes, it’s time for your regional alpaca farm to appear in between episodes of Come Dine With Me and your local pub to interrupt Grand Designs.

Recorded under Covid conditions and cast via open submissions inspired by Channel 4’s TV teaser, six of Armoury’s most sought-after directors have created commercials to be broadcast during key ad breaks in the C4 schedule. Each 30 second script written by Armoury creative director Jack Laurance pairs local charm with big advertising tropes to create a rift in the TVC paradigm; the independent Davids have finally taken their place among the corporate giant Goliaths.

In a first-of-its-kind advertising underdog story, the little guy gets long overdue airtime. Because in their postcodes, these shops, services and animal sanctuaries are essential, characterful contributors to the community. Sure, Amazon is convenient, but when was the last time Jeff Bezos let you pat his alpaca? Or hosted a Zoom pub quiz while you poured your own shandies?